Philanthropy Newsletters

United Jewish Communities (UJC) serves federations and independent Jewish communities across North America. The Star of David Society is UJC’s elite recognition program honoring it’s most outstanding philanthropists. UJC asked us to design a newsletter to honor these special donors and to report on key society news events and special projects. We created a lively, fresh design format that both meets their practical needs and is aesthetically appropriate for a high net worth audience.

Hundreds of local community organizations are part of UJC’s Federation. Donations from people at every level of the economic spectrum help to continue the charitable work of the Federation, sometimes a dollar at a time. Network News has been published for the past 11 years to inform Jews in small cities and rural America about the work that their dollars make possible. We created an updated, cleaner format that maintains the look of a town newspaper, which the editors feel is key to its local readership.

The Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center serves as a home away from home for Jews visiting Israel. To encourage interest in and giving to the center, the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ) publishes the newsletter Kehillah. The design of the publication is clean and restrained in order to assure donors of both the relevancy of the center’s mission to today’s needs and its business-like management of their donations. The identifying graphic used in the masthead provides an exciting graphic to enliven the pages and organize information.

Jan Wandrag Design