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To effectively introduce AIG@Work, a new approach to the traditional AD&D market, we made sure the language and visuals: sell compellingly and directly to the needs of the broker, employer and employee and differentiate AIG@Work as a truly new development in the world of AD&D insurance.

The branding ensures that AIG@Work engages audiences emotionally and leaves them with a sense of friendliness, accessibility, smartness and innovation. And because the program encompasses dozens of individual products, markets and cross-sell situations, we built in a dynamic flexibility that allows for many different applications without compromising a comprehensive and integrated whole.

Our language is upbeat and crisp. It always includes an emphatic statement of the AIG@Work core platform message and echos key messages. The visual atmosphere reflects this verbal openness and freshness. The pieces are predominantly white with energetic photography, a large presentation of the AIG@Work brand mark, and a layout and attendant graphic that bring the eye to the mark. All of these elements can be used in exciting new creative applications and still be immediately identifiable.

Jan Wandrag Design