Friendly Tech




Created a mark unique to Cogent by joining the naturally round letters “COG” in the name to the straight letters “ENT with a distinctive ligature. The logomark has a precise, technological look, and the “friendly curve” ligature, which can be used as a freestanding graphic, gives the company an approachable image that is in line with its personal style and commitment to service.




Focusing on Cogent’s ability to work in a collegial way with all types of clients – from the tech shy to the tech savvy, we created a site that sets Cogent apart from a sizable group of tech-heavy competitors. The site was designed to accommodate a large amount of material covering several areas of expertise while underscoring the firm’s commitment to make technology friendly for their customers. We provided a clear structural order and easy navigation and accomplished all of this within strict W3C accessibility guidelines.

Jan Wandrag Design