Jan's puberty was bleak. Apartheid was raging and so were his hormones!  — Adam Baran

Jan Wandrag


From Phalaborwa, South Africa. Lives in New York, New York.


BFA in Information Design from the University of Pretoria, South Africa

MFA in Photo and Video from the School of Visual Arts in New York





Queer Biennial, June — December 2016, Los Angeles and Miami






March - June, 2016, Circus of Books, Los Angeles

A group show featuring Peter Berlin, Michael Bilsborough, Bruce LaBruce, Kathe Burkhart, Vaginal Davis,  Thomas Dozol, Peter Eide, Ruben Esparza, Danny Fields, Ryan Foerester, David Hurles, Slava Mogutin, Joe Ovelman, Bob Nickas, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens, Tom of Finland, John Sissydude Webster and many more!


Das stille Leben des Sammlers Kempinski

May 24 - June 21, 2014, Exile, Berlin

A group show featuring Lisa Kirk, Martin Kohout, Rachel Mason, Howard McCalebb, Kazuko Miyamoto, Bob Mizer, Erik Niedling, Hugh O’Rourke, Joel Otterson, Rob Pruitt and many more!



My pictures of gigantic artist Desi Santiago are featured in the new CRUSHfanzine Issue #9.


Up Against It — The Art of Struggle

July 21 - August 11, 2012

Munch Gallery, New York, NY


View of Outer Space from an Aquarium

October 1 – November 6, 2011

Famous Accountants, Brooklyn, NY



My iconic pictures of Charlotte Rampling starring Nathan Carrera as Ms. Rampling are featured in the new CRUSHfanzine Issue #4.



A tribute to Michael Jackson entitled Lost Boys, Time Square, July 7, 2009 are featured in edition #7 of French/English art magazine Kaiserin



15th – 30th October, 2010, The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, London, United Kingdom

HUNG is an exhibition curated by the artist Stuart Sandford featuring photographic, video, installation works and works on paper. The show brings together a group of both emerging and established international artists whose work explores ideas of sex and sexuality and the male form. Featuring Brian Kenny, Bruce LaBruce, Billy Miller, Slava Mogutin, Gio Black Peter, Walter Pfeiffer, Jesse Finley Reed, Paul Mpagi Sepya, Stuart Sandford, Conrad Ventur


Summer Camp II

Jul 17 - Aug 14, 2010, Exile, Berlin

A group show with artist like Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Michael Bilsborough, Kathe Burkhart, TM Davy, Michael Economy, Fritz Haeg, Christian Holstad, Brian Kenny, Lisa Kirk, Paul Kopkau, Steve LaFreniere, Michael Magnan, Genesis P. Orridge, Dean Sameshima, Desi Santiago, Paul Sepuya and many more!


Straight to Hell presents an installation by Jan Wandrag

July 24, 2010, White Cubicle Toilet Gallery, London

An installation celebrating the living legend "Straight to Hell, The Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts" at a great space in London.





Art Must Go, Circus of Books, Los Angeles, 2016

STH Editions, NY Art Book Fair, P.S.1, NYC, 2015

Postcards From the Edge, Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York, 2013

Up Against It — The Art of Struggle, Munch Gallery, New York, NY, 2012

View of Outer Space from an Aquarium, Famous Accountants, Brooklyn, NY, 2011

Your Last Chance, NY Art Book Fair, P.S.1, New York, 2010

HUNG, The Horse Hospital, London, United Kingdom, 2010

Straight to Hell, White Cubicle Toilet Gallery, London, UK, 2010

Lost Horizon/Head Shop, Exile, Berlin, Germany, 2010

Instant by the Fearless project, Robert Goff Gallery, New York, 2010

Power to the People, May Day, 2010, Feature Inc., New York, 2010

Gasoline Rainbow, CS13, Cincinnati, OH, 2010

The World is Not Enough, Curated by Carl J. Ferrero, Online, 2010

Postcards From the Edge, ZieherSmith Gallery, New York, 2010

Small Works for Big Change, Participant Gallery, New York, 2010

Out of Order, Edlin Gallery, New York, 2009

Love For Sale, NY Art Book Fair, P.S.1, New York, 2009

Crush, Envoy Gallery, New York, New York, 2009

Summer Camp III, Exile, Berlin, Germany, 2009

Look At Me, Look At Me, BETA Spaces Festival, New York, 2009

Straight to Hell: In Cock We Trust, Exile, Berlin, Germany, 2008

Artist as Publisher, The Center for Book Arts, New York, New York, 2008

K48 Benefit, John Connelly Presents, New York, New York, 2008

In a Box, Canco, Jersey City, New Jersey, 2008

The Other Side, The 58 Gallery, Jersey City, New Jersey, 2008

No Milk Today, Autoversion Gallery, New York, New York, 2008

Oh Girl, It’s a Boy!, Kunstverein München, Munich, Germany, 2007

Rencontres Internationales 2007, Berlin, Germany, 2007

Outfest 2007: the 25th Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2007

North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Durham, 2007

Rencontres Internationales 2007, Madrid, Spain, 2007

Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Miami, 2007

Images Of David+Jonathan, Miami Beach Cinematheque, Miami, 2007

6th Annual Photography Fundraiser, Stivers School for the Arts, Dayton, OH, 2007

V-day, R-Bar, Brooklyn, New York, 2006

Lumas Editions, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Germany, 2006

NewFest 2006: The 18th New York LGBT Film Festival, New York, 2006

Images Of David+Jonathan, Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, New York, 2006

Summer Show, Gallery Onetwentyeight, New York, 2006

Beyond Glamour, Lumas, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Germany, 2006

The 2006 SPE-MA Conference, Philadelphia, 2006

25th Annual REELING 2006 Film Festival, Chicago, 2006

8th Annual OUT TAKES Film Festival, Dallas, 2006

17th Annual Jewish Film Festival, Washington, DC, 2006

Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, Paris, France, 2006

NewFest Local Shorts Showcase, New York, 2006

See What I Mean?, Visual Arts Gallery, New York, 2005

Re:Vision, Walter Reade Theater, New York, 2005

Male Trouble, Westside Gallery, New YorkVideo Culture @ Remote, Remote Lounge, New York, 2004

Martha and Me, Gallery Onetwentyeight, New York, 2004

Chamber's: 95 Canal Project: Out of Our Element, Video Projects, New York, 2004

Mir(ror)age:10 Photographers, Oudtshoorn, Pretoria, Cape Town, South Africa, 1998





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