Christian Siekmeier
presents Hunting: Me - Hunting: You an installation of color photographs taken by the artist and from his father’s collection of snapshots:

“I create a visual dialogue between myself and my father based on our individual obsessions with photography and hunting. The differences between us, it turns out, are marginal; both of us accumulate trophies as kinds of self-referential confirmation. Both activities are reflections of our immensely different understandings of masculinity. My father’s and my own photographs are set in the German countryside and relate to my upbringing. Hunting: Me - Hunting: You presents a different take on the old story of father and son. The photographs made by my father show various hunting rituals: hunters, dead animals, weapons and landscapes. In my photographs I assume my father’s point of view by shooting from his deer-seats. From these elevated vantage stands he aims at the animal as he hides in the foliage of the German forest, though in my photographs both hunter and prey are absent.

Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) Photography and Related Media, School of Visual Arts, New York, USA, 2004

Bachelor (BA) Fine Art: ‘First Class Honours Award’, London Guildhall University, London, UK, 1999

‘Grundstudium’ in Cultural Studies and Aesthetics, Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany: ‘Sehr gut’, 1997