Geoff Carter
presents large-scale drawings, based on photographic images:

“I use pictures of my girlfriend, Zeynep, and myself to explore themes such as love, sex, hate, and death. My intention is to transform images of us, based on actual events and situations, into fictional characters in fictional situations. The hand-written text and images in these drawings focus on the dynamic between a man and a woman in a couple, but are presented from the man’s perspective.
I see the physical presence and quality of the drawings as a representation of masculinity. A vigorously additive process followed by an equally vigorous subtractive process creates this physical presence. This process refers to stereotypical associations of men with muscle and force. The transferred image has a quality that is similar to graphite and upon initial inspection it appears to be a drawing. Sometimes the photographic element is completely apparent other times it is extremely subdued. The tension between photography and drawing is also meant to reference the tension between male and female characters.”

Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) Photography and Related Media, School of Visual Arts, New York, USA, 2004

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography, Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta, GA,1997