More non-straight street photography, video and studio projects ...


The gigantic Desi Santiago for CRUSHfanzine Issue #9




Nath Ann Rampling

The beautiful Nath Ann Carrera as Charlotte Rampling for CRUSHfanzine Issue #4




Lost Boys, Times Square, July 7, 2009 — Self-published Book and Kaiserin Magazine

Shot during the Michael Jackson memorial telecast. It consists of a collection of ten portraits of guys all caught in the same pose ...




I will fear no evil ...

I have lived in New York, for the duration of the US occupation of Iraq. I have yet to meet a soldier who has been to Iraq. I once met somebody who claimed to have served in Afghanistan. My only impression of the war is through media: CNN initially, the New York Times’ cover pictures and Web slide shows. FX showed “Over There”, a fictional thirteen part series about a US Army unit’s first tour of duty in Iraq, in 2005. That TV show has been the closest I have come to the war.




Boys for Peace (New York, 2003) — Self-published Book

Digital drawings of guys taking part in the anti-war protest march in New York in February of 2003.




Non-straight street photography

Most street photography aims to present an objective view of people in public spaces, I show what I like looking at on the street and how I see it. I take pictures of boys and put them through my own brand of media processing. The end results look like appropriated images from magazines and television.



Some of this work was featured in a 3 person show called Male Trouble at the West Side Gallery.



What Do Boys Dream Of?

2 minute video






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